Thursday, August 19, 2010


College, you're finally here. I think we're going to get along just fine.

...Had an inspiring encounter today with 76 year-old Harold. I was walking along campus familiarizing myself with my new surroundings, and noticed him smiling to himself while carrying a violin case. He sat himself down on a bench under a tree, probably for the shade, and sat his apparently beloved instrument on his lap. As I was walking by, I smiled, and he asked me how I was doing. A typical conversation starter, but it was pretty evident that he wanted someone to talk to. Looking for something to talk about, I mentioned his violin, and how he and I had something in common: music.

That got him going. He just started beaming ear to ear as he told how he just started taking lessons from a student here on campus. He was 76, and explained that this was something he had been wanting to do all his life, but never got around to it. He just started about a month ago, and it was so obvious through his smile that he was completely in love with what he was doing. He was in love with the music.

He explained that he never had the chance to learn because he had to help with his father's farm, and he eventually took over once his father passed. He became so consumed with the farm that he put aside his dream. To play the violin. And here he is now, finally making that dream a reality. How inspiring that he never gave up.

I'm really grateful for my encounter with Harold today. It's almost like I needed it. Today is the beginning of me pursuing my dream of music. And it's so incredible to me that I met Harold today. Almost like he found me, and I was meant to hear his story as I'm about to begin mine. His story reminded me to never take music for granted. I only had to wait 8 years before I had the opportunity. He had to wait 76.

Harold, I really appreciate what had to share with me today. I needed that.

I hope all is well for you, friends.

Kirsten M. Westerman


  1. HE works in pretty amazing ways, yes? I love you sweetlove. oxoxox

  2. i love you kirsten. this is an amazing story. i hope all is well at BSU. <3