Friday, August 13, 2010


Hello, all. 

My last Friday here in little Leo is coming to a close, and what better way to finish it off than here with you. Tonight was actually spent with four beautiful little girls all under the tender age of ten years, and as I was on my way home from my evening with them, I rolled down the windows and let the warm summer evening breeze circulate through the car. While driving through Leo, and winding my way around this small town, a tangible peace overcame me. My Purpose was with me. 

Holding my small hand, He transmitted to me a calamity that only He can offer. I must admit, friends it was slightly (right.) overwhelming, and frighteningly beautiful. Thank You. 

My faith has wavered these past few weeks, months perhaps. But how beautiful it is to serve a Jesus who's faithfulness and loyalty is not dependent on my faithfulness and loyalty. 

College, here I come. Maybe you're more ready for me than I am you, but expect me to hit the ground running. I hope we can be good friends. I'd like that.

...It's now Saturday morning. Make it a good one, friends. 

-Almost ready

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